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“We reverse this; the current in the wire is set up by the energy transmitted through the medium around it.” --Oliver Heaviside, 1850-1925



Oliver Heaviside the Man

by G.F.C. Searle (Edited by Ivor Catt)  www.ivorcatt.com  www.ivorcatt.org

(1987) C.A.M. Publishing         St. Albans, England      ISBN: 0 906340 05 5


“The late G.F.C. Searle, F.R.S., who was the friend of Oliver Heaviside for 33 years, wrote this, the only lengthy Heaviside biography, in 1950.” Discovered and Edited by Ivor Catt. First published in January, 1987. Uploaded by Forrest Bishop on June 9, 2006

OLIVER HEAVISIDE THE MAN as a searchable PDF. Posted May 31, 2020



PREFACE (excerpted)

Wyncote, 170 Hills road, Cambridge.

6 Feb. 1950.

Dear Mr. Holding,


            I have accumulated a lot of material, say 50,000 words on “

O.H. the man”. Anyone who writes about him as he was will

have no material but what is queer. “Impish” is the term to

describe him. He was much amused at himself and I believe

wanted others to share the amusement.

…There seems to be some

 sort of aversion to having O.H. described as he actually was.

It seems to be thought that al that is wanted is for people

to be told what is in his books. Actually the can get his

books and can read them and understand them, if they can. I

feel sure that many would be glad to know something of the

man himself. If they don’t understand the Operational

Calculus they might find some entertainment in learning why

O.H. went around for a month in the head dress of the Tuarego

of the Sahara.

…I have spent practically all my time since August on this

work and naturally should be sorry if nothing came of it. Some

quite erroneous things were said about O.H. and these I have

tried to correct. One American writer in an obituary of O.H.

said “The English people hung him on the highest gibbet of


            …..                              Yours sincerely, G.F.C. Searle


Editor’s Preface (excerpted)


            This volume is worth reading for three reasons. Firstly, it is about

one of the great eccentrics, and secondly it is about one of our greatest

scientists. It is the only published biography of Oliver Heaviside.

            The third reason for reading it is limited to students of science and

the sociology of science. The behaviour of the Scientific Establishment

when faced by the brilliance of Heaviside was intensely political and

destructive. It is important for scientists to be made aware of the

irresponsible behaviour of leaders of learned establishments when faced

by a threat to their position in the form of scientific breakthroughs.

…Searle, Heaviside’s friend, was worried about the lack of recognition

meted out to Heaviside. Around 1950 he wrote a biography to help to right

the wrong being done to him by history. This remained unpublished until

the manuscript was recently discovered by me in romantic circumstances. –Ivor Catt, January, 1987




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