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Digital Electronic Design, Volume 1

by Ivor Catt, David Walton, and Malcolm Davidson

(1978) C.A.M. Publishing         St. Albans, England      ISBN: 0 906340 00 4


Digital Electronic Design, Vol. 1 as a searchable PDF Posted May 26, 2020



“Then there were the remarkable researches of Faraday, the prince of experimentalists, on electrostatics and electrodynamics and the induction of currents…The crowning achievement was reserved for the heaven-sent Maxwell, a man whose fame, great as it is now, has, comparatively speaking, yet to come.” (“Electromagnetic Theory” Vol. 1, page 8, by Oliver Heaviside.)



PREFACE (Volume 1)


The authors have become increasingly concerned at lack of clear and accurate information on many aspects of digital design, even though this fast growing discipline is the basis of the third largest industry in the U.S.A. They have decided to contribute towards remedying this situation by publishing a series of volumes which concentrate on those aspects of the subject which have been ignored or misunderstood.

   The authors graduated from British colleges. They have a total of more than forty years of experience in Britain and the U.S.A. on digital design, and have published widely in the technical journals. They give seminars on digital design, and act as consultants to industry.


TABLE of CONTENTS, VOLUME 1                         DED vol 1 p7 TOC


                               [ TITLE ]                                        [ STARTING PAGE ]


                 Preface                                                                           DED vol 1 Preface


Page     7          Earthing in a digital system                                         DED vol 1 p7


            15        Earthing in a system comprising more

than one module                                               DED vol 1 p15


23        Interference from 50 Hertz mains                                DED vol 1 p23


            33        Filtering the mains                                                        DED vol 1 p33


            42        Distribution of D.C. power to logic                              DED vol 1 p42


49        Printed circuit board layout for

high speed Schottky t.t.l.                                  DED vol 1 p49


71        The interconnection of logic                                         DED vol 1 p71


            75        The analogy between L, C, and R                                 DED vol 1 p75


            87        Transmission line theory applied to

logic interconnection                                         DED vol 1 p87


109      Local decoupling of voltage supplies by printed

circuit voltage planes                                                     DED vol 1 p109


            114      Digital electronics needs sound theory                           DED vol 1 p114


            119      Energy current                                                                DED vol 1 p119




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DED vol 1 p110-111               DED vol 1 p112-113   DED vol 1 p114-115               DED vol 1 p116-117   DED vol 1 p118-119


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