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Electromagnetic Theory, Volume 2

by Ivor Catt www.ivorcatt.com www.ivorcatt.org

(1980, 1986) C.A.M. Publishing St. Albans, England ISBN: 0 906340 03 9

Electromagnetic Theory Vol 2 as a searchable PDF Posted May 20, 2020



"This volume contains the first disclosure of the most important advance in electromagnetic theory for a hundred years."


PREFACE (Volume 1)


Digital semiconductor electronics has great potential, but is held back by two problems,

1) The practical day to day design procedures are virtually untaught and unknown.

2) The basic electromagnetic theory underlying the work is inadequate and in any case virtually unknown today.

The first problem is the subject of a previous series entitled Digital Electronic Design, currently extending to two volumes.

(Except for North America, vol. 1 has been re-issued by Macmillan under the title Digital Hardware Design.)

The second problem is addressed in this series. However, the division is not rigidly maintained.

There is far less knowledge and understanding of electromagnetic theory today, and this includes those in the highest places,

than an outsider could possibly suppose. Text book writers and lecturers generally repeat what they do not grasp.

Tragically, they do not even realize that there is a large subject which they do not understand, fondly believing

that their sometimes skillful manipulation of meaningless mathematical symbols is the subject.

This creates a growing problem which is compounded by the inadequacy of the classical theory,

so that we have to try to move the allegiance of the “experts” from their present theory, which they do not grasp,

to another, called “Theory H”. These theories are so far divorced, and the students have been so badly misled,

that the process will only be accomplished by stages, with multiple approaches to the problem,

rather than by a single, logical, ordered argument.


We have to make an escape which is more difficult than that made from Plato’s cave.

At least the cave-men knew and understood their shadow world. Our student does not even know

where he is coming from, and we have to try to show him where he is going to.





Preface EMT vol 2 p202-203, Preface

Page 207 History of the development of Theory H and beyond EMT vol 2 p206-207

216 Death of the Electric Current EMT vol 2 p216-217

217 Philosophy EMT vol 2 p216-217

218 The three theories EMT vol 2 p218-219

222 Transmission line models for reactive components EMT vol 2 p222-223

229 Transmission lines can be cascaded EMT vol 2 p228-229

232 The resistor EMT vol 2 p232-233

234 More thoughts on the transformer EMT vol 2 p234-235

237 The nature of space and ether EMT vol 2 p236-237

241 Discussion of c, Zo, μ, [ε] EMT vol 2 p240-241

244 General description of energy transfer EMT vol 2 p244-245

247 Zebra space and leopard space EMT vol 2 p246-247

251 Fields and currents EMT vol 2 p250-251

255 Electromagnetic theory [energy] EMT vol 2 p254-255

258 Force on conductors guiding a TEM wave EMT vol 2 p258-259

262 Relativity as a black hole EMT vol 2 p262-263

265 Conductors and obstructors EMT vol 2 p264-265

269 Attitudes to displacement current EMT vol 2 p268-269

281 After Maxwell’s equations revisited EMT vol 2 p280-281

293 Relativity EMT vol 2 p292-293

295 The correspondence principle EMT vol 2 p294-295

299 The rigid rod EMT vol 2 p298-299

303 Complementarity EMT vol 2 p302-303

307 Einstein rocks the boat EMT vol 2 p306-307

313 The sign of time EMT vol 2 p312-313

320 The scientific reception system as a servomechanism EMT vol 2 p320-321

325 Index EMT vol 2 p324-325



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Electromagnetic Theory (EMT) Volume 2 COVER


EMT vol 2 p200-201 Frontispiece EMT vol 2 p202-203 Preface EMT vol 2 p204-205 TOC EMT vol 2 p206-207 EMT vol 2 p208-209


EMT vol 2 p210-211 EMT vol 2 p212-213 EMT vol 2 p214-215 EMT vol 2 p216-217 EMT vol 2 p218-219


EMT vol 2 p220-221 EMT vol 2 p222-223 EMT vol 2 p224-225 EMT vol 2 p226-227 EMT vol 2 p228-229


EMT vol 2 p230-231 EMT vol 2 p232-233 EMT vol 2 p234-235 EMT vol 2 p236-237 EMT vol 2 p238-239


EMT vol 2 p240-241 EMT vol 2 p242-243 EMT vol 2 p244-245 EMT vol 2 p246-247 EMT vol 2 p248-249


EMT vol 2 p250-251 EMT vol 2 p252-253 EMT vol 2 p254-255 EMT vol 2 p256-257 EMT vol 2 p258-259


EMT vol 2 p260-261 EMT vol 2 p262-263 EMT vol 2 p264-265 EMT vol 2 p266-267 EMT vol 2 p268-269


EMT vol 2 p270-271 EMT vol 2 p272-273 EMT vol 2 p274-275 EMT vol 2 p276-277 EMT vol 2 p278-279


EMT vol 2 p280-281 EMT vol 2 p282-283 EMT vol 2 p284-285 EMT vol 2 p286-287 EMT vol 2 p288-289


EMT vol 2 p290-291 EMT vol 2 p292-293 EMT vol 2 p294-295 EMT vol 2 p296-297 EMT vol 2 p298-299


EMT vol 2 p300-301 EMT vol 2 p302-303 EMT vol 2 p304-305 EMT vol 2 p306-307 EMT vol 2 p308-309


EMT vol 2 p310-311 EMT vol 2 p312-313 EMT vol 2 p314-315 EMT vol 2 p316-317 EMT vol 2 p318-319


EMT vol 2 p320-321 EMT vol 2 p322-323 EMT vol 2 p324-325 EMT vol 2 p326-327 EMT vol 2 p328-329



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