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Digital Electronic Design, Volume 2

by Ivor Catt, David Walton, and Malcolm Davidson

(1979) C.A.M. Publishing St. Albans, England ISBN: 0 906340 01 2


“Then there were the remarkable researches of Faraday, the prince of experimentalists, on electrostatics and electrodynamics and the induction of currents…The crowning achievement was reserved for the heaven-sent Maxwell, a man whose fame, great as it is now, has, comparatively speaking, yet to come.” (“Electromagnetic Theory” Vol. 1, page 8, by Oliver Heaviside.)


“We reverse this; the current in the wire is set up by the energy transmitted through the medium around it.” (”Electrical Papers” Vol. 1, page 438, by Oliver Heaviside.)


PREFACE (Volume 2)


Volume 2 contains more practical advice on day to day digital design, along with some disclosures of fundamental advances in the art. Further disclosures will be found in the sister publication “Electromagnetic Theory” by the same authors.

Volume 1 was well received and is now on the shelves of about half the university and research department libraries. Since it was published, interest in the authors’ quarterly seminar on digital design has greatly increased.

A good working relationship has developed with Wireless World, where the authors’ occasional articles and the resulting correspondence are well worth reading.






Preface DED vol 2 p209 Preface


Page [211] Voltage supply decoupling by capacitors DED vol 2 p211


218 Line drivers and receivers DED vol 2 p218


229 Noise specifications on integrated circuits DED vol 2 p229


237 Component pulse response DED vol 2 p237


245 Reed relay pulse generator DED vol 2 p245

249 L – C oscillator circuit DED vol 2 p249


253 History of displacement current DED vol 2 p253

265 Oscilloscopes for digital measurement DED vol 2 p265


279 Formulae DED vol 2 p279


281 Gating of asynchronous signals DED vol 2 p281


304 Choice of type of logic symbols DED vol 2 p304


314 Electromagnetic theory DED vol 2 p314


319 Switching loads in digital systems DED vol 2 p319


322 Internal obstruction and superficial conduction DED vol 2 p322


325 On the transmission of energy DED vol 2 p325



IMAGES of the PAGES of Digital Electronic Design, Volume 2, by page number:


Digital Electronic Design (DED) Volume 2 COVER DED vol 2 p204-205 DED vol 2 p206-207 DED vol 2 p208-209


DED vol 2 p210-211 DED vol 2 p212-213 DED vol 2 p214-215 DED vol 2 p216-217 DED vol 2 p218-219


DED vol 2 p220-221 DED vol 2 p222-223 DED vol 2 p224-225 DED vol 2 p226-227 DED vol 2 p228-229


DED vol 2 p230-231 DED vol 2 p232-233 DED vol 2 p234-235 DED vol 2 p236-237 DED vol 2 p238-239


DED vol 2 p240-241 DED vol 2 p242-243 DED vol 2 p244-245 DED vol 2 p246-247 DED vol 2 p248-249


DED vol 2 p250-251 DED vol 2 p252-253 DED vol 2 p254-255 DED vol 2 p256-257 DED vol 2 p258-259


DED vol 2 p260-261 DED vol 2 p262-263 DED vol 2 p264-265 DED vol 2 p266-267 DED vol 2 p268-269


DED vol 2 p270-271 DED vol 2 p272-273 DED vol 2 p274-275 DED vol 2 p276-277 DED vol 2 p278-279


DED vol 2 p280-281 DED vol 2 p282-283 DED vol 2 p284-285 DED vol 2 p286-287 DED vol 2 p288-289


DED vol 2 p290-291 DED vol 2 p292-293 DED vol 2 p294-295 DED vol 2 p296-297 DED vol 2 p298-299


DED vol 2 p300-301 DED vol 2 p302-303 DED vol 2 p304-305 DED vol 2 p306-307 DED vol 2 p308-309


DED vol 2 p310-311 DED vol 2 p312-313 DED vol 2 p314-315 DED vol 2 p316-317 DED vol 2 p318-319


DED vol 2 p320-321 DED vol 2 p322-323 DED vol 2 p324-325 DED vol 2 p326-327 DED vol 2 p328-329



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