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Electromagnetic Theory, Volume 1

by Ivor Catt www.ivorcatt.com  www.ivorcatt.org

(1979) C.A.M. Publishing         St. Albans, England      ISBN: 0 906340 02 0



Electromagnetic Theory Vol 1 as a searchable PDF





Digital semiconductor electronics has great potential, but is held back by two problems,

1)  The practical day to day design procedures are virtually untaught and unknown.

2)  The basic electromagnetic theory underlying the work is inadequate and in any case virtually unknown today.

The first problem is the subject of a previous series entitled Digital Electronic Design, currently extending to two volumes.

(Except for North America, vol. 1 has been re-issued by Macmillan under the title Digital Hardware Design.)

The second problem is addressed in this series. However, the division is not rigidly maintained.

There is far less knowledge and understanding of electromagnetic theory today, and this includes those in the highest places,

than an outsider could possibly suppose. Text book writers and lecturers generally repeat what they do not grasp.

Tragically, they do not even realize that there is a large subject which they do not understand, fondly believing

that their sometimes skillful manipulation of meaningless mathematical symbols is the subject.

This creates a growing problem which is compounded by the inadequacy of the classical theory,

so that we have to try to move the allegiance of the “experts” from their present theory, which they do not grasp,

to another, called “Theory H”. These theories are so far divorced, and the students have been so badly misled,

that the process will only be accomplished by stages, with multiple approaches to the problem,

rather than by a single, logical, ordered argument.


We have to make an escape which is more difficult than that made from Plato’s cave.

At least the cave-men knew and understood their shadow world. Our student does not even know

where he is coming from, and we have to try to show him where he is going to.


TABLE of CONTENTS, VOLUME 1                EMT vol 1 p8-9 TOC

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Preface                                                                                     EMT vol 1 p4-5 preface


Page     9          Electromagnetic theory                                      EMT vol 1 p8-9 TOC 


            17        The Heaviside signal                                         EMT vol 1 p16-17


            32        The Rolling Wave                                             EMT vol 1 p32-33


            35        Unfortunate passages in the text books              EMT vol 1 p34-35      


            50        The breakdown of meaning in electronics          EMT vol 1 p50-51      


59        Refutation of the Equation ( line integral {Eds} = -d(phi)/dt )      EMT vol 1 p58-59


            62        Magnetic flux from a short length of current carrying wire           EMT vol 1 p 62-63


            66        Attitudes to displacement current                       EMT vol 1 p66-67


            97        Maxwell’s Equations revisited                           EMT vol 1 p 96-97


            108      The Relativity enigma                                        EMT vol 1 p108-9


            112      Negative time                                                   EMT vol 1p112-3


            117      (137) The rise and fall of bodies of knowledge  EMT vol 1p116-7


            125      Cumulative index                                              EMT vol 1 p124-5



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